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8:11am 05-04-2017
You "get it", you've "got it", you "share it"! Thank you.
12:13pm 03-06-2017
Dear Jack and Misty,

I read the story that was in Doug Davis's newsletter and I was glad to know that you were still in the music business one way or the other. I worked at WSM Radio with Ralph Emery in the 70's and I remember liking that unusual song. We played your record "Tennessee Birdwalk" many times. Keep up the good work. John Riggs
12:27pm 02-09-2017
I have been a big fan of yours since I was seven years old back in 1974. I performed the "Tennessee Bird Walk" with my mom in my 3rd grade talent show. We actually met once back in 1983. You were in Upstate NY at a Mall near Rochester. I saw your RV in the parking lot and sought out to find you in the mall. I found you both in Woolworth's and introduced myself. You both were so nice to me. In 1983, there were no smart phones and people didn't carry cameras around all the time so we shared some laughs and wished each other well.
I was telling a co-worker this story today and decided to look you up. To my surprise, I found your website and learned that you are here in Florida where I relocated to in 1999. I am glad to see you are still out there performing and entertaining. Best wishes to you both.

Your Adoring Fan. Karl A. D'Accursio

North Port, FL
3:18am 09-24-2016
"Tennessee Bird Walk" was the first 45 I ever owned. I was six years old. Hearing it feels like running into an old friend that I haven't seen in years. Much love to you.
1:11pm 06-03-2016
I have so many wonderful Memories of seeing you both at clubs all around Orlando.
I own a children's book publishing company.
If I can be of any help to you just let me know.
We are never too young or too old to follow our dreams.
4:58pm 01-07-2016
Awesome harmony, wonderful songs. Somewhere In Virginia has always been one of my favorite songs of any type, but all of your stuff is top notch.
2:27am 12-03-2015
Just had to sign this book. Absolutely love your music.
12:42am 02-09-2015
I have been enjoying getting to know you better through reading your FB comments, and seeing your pictures. Sorry I missed your Utah show. I didn't even know about it until I watched the Dick Clark interview on YT. Sad to hear about the passing of Weldon Myrick to.. I was blessed to have lived in a time when so many of the all time greats walked among us.
8:50pm 02-08-2015
I clicked once and here I am.
I've tried for a long time to buy more of your songs, LPs & 45s, so I thought I'd try some CDs.
Thanks for all your great stories, wonderful songs, sharing Misty and the late night laughs.
David in Wyoming or as I sometimes sign off "David in WYO, WYO, did I ever leave Ohio ?"
6:20am 12-28-2014
Listened to the CT 40 Special Year End Countdown for 2014 with Bob Kingsley yesterday.
Before playing Thompson Square's year-end-hit Bob played a short excerpt from "Tennessee Bird Walk".
I never heard it before, I'm more used to the stuff from the late 80s and later.
Wow - what a fantastic song ! Your song is so timeless - even 45 years later. The great synthesizer effects give the song a special and fantastic groove.
7:24pm 12-13-2014
Well hello to all Jack and Misty fans! I caused a lot of problems to you and to all the fans when I was a mess, I am now a lot stable and am doing very well! I created a brand new facebook group dedicated to Bill Anderson!Maheen's Bill Anderson fan club. It's on facebook so will look forward to seeing you! Will start on on Jack and Misty also sometime!
12:01am 10-18-2014
Hey guys. Won't thru many 45s the other day and found one that I had forgotten about owning. It's a Christmas
Greeting from Jack with Misty signing off at the end of each recording. I didn't see that one on your discography bd feel it should be included for all the collectors to know. Thanks for all the great music. I've been collecting since first hearing Tenneessee Birdwalk. Somewhere In Virginia is my all time favorite.

10:51pm 07-18-2014
A big hello to WHPR staff and all your great listeners from Alan Kash, downunder in Sydney Australia. Gday mates and gals....Alan Kash
7:55pm 04-23-2014
What a fun song. I listened to it for the first time tonight. My husband Chuck Smrt is Richie's (Little Richie Johnson's ) son. We were talking about LRJ and he mentioned the two of you. I you tubed you and what a treasure I found.
12:39pm 04-21-2014
Well "hello" you two---It's Kay and Joyce from the "Everglades" in Orlando and way back from the Curtis Stuart era. Way back in the year one--maybe the boar war. Ha Anyway, we think of you often and have talked to Joyce"s cousin Joanne in Centre Alabama--( she was the bartender at the Everglades & Round table in W/Park) Anyway, again, she gave us your email etc and we just wanted to say "hello"--Even tho it's been many years, we still play your songs which bring us many memories--the recording sessions in Nashville--the road trips out west to Belen N. Mexico--on to Hollywood--the "good stuff". Joyce always remembered going with Mary Ann shopping in Nashville. The old opry house performance with "Tennessee Birdwalk" the ovation--Jack, you and Misty were very nice to us. We will always have fond memories. We now live in St Petersburg near Madeira Beach and Treasure Island where we hang out. I sing "karaoke" at the American Legion in Madeira Beach and treasure Island.. (also at VFW)---Just wondered about this tune. Our grandkids used to get a big kickl out of me trying to singHalloween song--Skelikins, Skelikins, hiding in the chimmely, nobody here but me.) (was a funny tune for kids--did you ever record it??? Ha Our oldest son (age 56) lives in Orlando general contractor. We go there and over to Cocoa Beach to Jill's (Age 54) and our other 2 boys live there too. Once in awhile we go to Sanford to eat etc--Anyway, would love to see you sometime//hope you are feeling ok//we are fine I'll be 80 and Joyce 79 but stay active. Been singing some "polka tunes" Ha Ha Stay well./ Love Kay & Joyce at Barnjoy7@verizon.net
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